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Pro-Amino International has manufactured dietary supplements and functional foods, rich in protein since 1988.

PRO-AMINO INTERNATIONAL INC., Develops and Contract Manufactures a wide variety of nutritional supplements, and protein enriched functional foods for companies with independent brands, reselling their products under their own corporate name.

When Pro-Amino was established in 1988, our mission was to bring to the market a solid, laboratory tested formula, that enhances nutritional products, developed to assist in weight loss in the form of a meal and snacks. Without compromising the taste.


Our team understands the importance of the science behind the development of healthy food, we also understand the importance of developing great tasting products – a motivating factor essential to the success of the client.


Our production facilities and products not only meet, but exceed international standards for quality control. Canada has been recognized as a leader in its role in the pioneering of nutraceutical research and development, with a strong focus on the stringent criteria for controlling quality.


Our wide range of functional foods and nutritional supplements were designed to meet the nutritional needs and demands of various
market segments and nutritional programs. All Pro-Amino products are nutritionally balanced and made with superior, high quality ingredients.


Our service and support team is always available to answer your questions!

Our team understands the science behind the development of healthy products.

Each member of our team has direct access to all corporate departments, including the research laboratory, production facilities, market development, sales department and administration.

For our private label and the branding of our contract manufacturing customers, we offer a full range of direct and online support services developed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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