Home-baked goodness, made by hand


There is nothing quite like a plate of cookies fresh from the oven. Soft and chewy… that is the experience you can offer your customers when you get us to bake your cookies for you. We even roll up our sleeves and make the cookie dough by hand. Now that’s love.



Let’s hear it for cookies that don’t crumble

The “yum factor” is so important to you and your customers. That is why we pride ourselves on being the masters of taste and texture – and put a lot of love into perfecting our soft, caky cookies, available in everybody’s favorite flavors including:

- Chocolate chips
- Triple Chocolate
- Cranberry Lemon
Inspired by other flavors? Contact us to discuss.


High Five for Our Low Runs

You are a start-up with a vision? An established brand looking to test a new product sku? Give us a call. We offer one of the lowest minimum unit runs in the industry – just 5000 cookies. Because sometimes that is all you need to get a successful product on the shelves.

What you desire doesn't appear up here ?

At Pro-amino, innovation is in our DNA. If you have an idea and are wondering if our facilities can produce it, don't be shy Give us a call or send us an email. We are here to help you find the best solution, whether we do it in-house for you or connect you with another supplier.
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