Private or Contract, we have a personalized solution for your needs !


Contract Manufacturing

At Pro-Amino, we are great listeners, as well as industry leaders. We take the time to understand your needs and desires so we present you with the ultimate product for your market. Whether you are looking for a powder, a bar, a snack or an innovative product that doesn’t even exist yet, we give you personalized, 360 service. Because we are committed to your success.

We are also your one-stop shop.
With your product specifications in hand, we will take care of everything from formulation to production. We will even find the best packaging solutions and prepare your orders for shipment – and we do it all for you under one roof at our brand-new, state-of-the-art facilities in Mirabel, QC, Canada.

Let's create

  • 1. What product ?
  • 2. What category ?
  • 3. What texture ?
  • 4. What flavor ?
  • 5. Any prefered certifications?
  • 6. Ideal shelf life?


Private Label

You dream of seeing your own label on the shelves – perhaps you want to offer your clientele your own in-house brand of quality supplementation products as an upsell or a way to ensure they stick to their regimen…

Easy peas-y!

We share our secret recipes. With a selection of over 150 product recipes and flavors, our private label service is an easy way to put a branded product on the market without having to do all the R&D.

You want a Keto-friendly bar with peanut butter? A Vegan soup?

Our experts will guide you through all the possibilities to make sure you choose the right product to meet your objectives. You sample it. You like it. Then, you put your branding on the product and you are ready to sell. The ideal solution for start-ups.

Product Category

Let's chat

Choose a type of product, a flavor, a texture, a function and we will start the process.

R & D

Our R&D team works to create the best quality and tasting product for you.


The best part, the tasting part! If it's not perfect, it's not ready.

Quality control

We make sure all claims, packaging and quality of the finish product are in order to go to market.


Your product is ready to go to market!