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Contrat Manufacturing

At Pro-Amino, we are great listeners, as well as industry leaders. We take the time to understand your needs and desires so we present you with the ultimate product for your market. Whether you are looking for a powder, a bar, a snack or an innovative product that doesn’t even exist yet, we give you personalized, 360 service. Because we are committed to your success.

Private Label

You dream of seeing your own label on the shelves – perhaps you want to offer your clientele your own in-house brand of quality supplementation products as an upsell or a way to ensure they stick to their regimen… Easy peas-y! .

R & D

Research & Development

Our research and development team are foodies. We put in time, effort and love, a lot of love, in our flavors and recipes. That means that you get the product functionality you desire without the bad protein after taste. Our biggest strengths are taste and bar construction. When you work with us, trust us, you have the best R&D service on the market !

Quality control

  • Facilities registrated FDA
  • Safe food for Canadians Act record of Licence by CFIA
  • Compliance with GMP
  • Metal detector & X-Ray vision



Your product packaging is also an important functionality to consider. Whether you are looking for an easy to-go powder pouch, an environmental friendly plastic jar or even a completely out of the box idea, our team will go over all the possible options to offer you the best solution.