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When you work with us, you’re working with the best food scientist team – and that is why our clients keep coming back!



Our Research and Development Department is a team of foodies. They literally work in our test kitchen, putting time, effort and love – a lot of love – into creating great recipes that are a joy to eat and drink. That means that you get the product functionality, flavor and texture you want without the unpleasant protein aftertaste. When it comes to ingredients, our R&D Department does all the legwork for you. They will not only research the best quality ingredients for your formulation, but will also provide you with industry-recognized certifications so you can stand behind any and all claims you put on your labels.


We set the bar for taste and texture.

Formulation will make or break the success of your product. It has to be nothing short of yummy – and it has to have a good shelf life. Given our 30 years’ experience in the test kitchen, you know you can trust our R&D Department to come up with one heck of a recipe, whether it’s for a soup, snack, shake or wafer bar.

Let’s say you want a high-protein gluten-free bar. We will test the formulation with different ingredients to make sure that the texture and taste will be appealing to customers and will last. After all, no one wants to bite into a mushy mess when they were expecting a crispy-chewing taste sensation.

Product Category

NEW Keto friendly

This is huge! And we are joining the movement with exciting ingredients and formulations to support the Keto lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Ask us about our high-performance low-carb, low-cal options.

Sports Nutrition

Targeting athletes? No sweat! Turn to us to create products that replenish, rehydrate and nourish

Functional Food

Want to focus on specific issues with specific nutrients and ingredients – like Vitamin A for eye health. Call us to discuss what you envision.

Plant based

Want to see your vegan line blossom? With 30 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to help.


Plump up your sales with a formulation that includes the benefits of collagen.

High protein supplement

Need to pump up the protein content in your supplementation, snack or meal replacement product? We can do that for you.


Infuse your formulations with the benefits of clinically tested anti-oxidants, collagen and other skin-enhancing nutrients.


Need ideas? Take a look at our catalog.

What’s your dream product? We’ll make it happen
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