Already 30 years of creating the best tasting recipes!

Our Story

Founded in 1988, Pro-Amino was born from the desire of founder, Jean Bourassa, to give people with weight-loss struggles a super tasty solution. He recognized that what was on the market was, shall we say… not so delicious. And that was an issue. So, he set out to be the game changer in nutritional supplementation by creating the most delicious protein bars and products you’ve ever tasted. With his company growing year after year for the past three decades, Jean still manages Pro-Amino like his own family, producing premium-quality products for hundreds of companies around the globe.

We are family

Our Values: Respect, Innovation, Passion, Collaborative Spirit

We are guided by our core values in everything we do so that we consistently create the best products for you. We put our heart and soul into innovating with our “we’ll make it happen” attitude. Beyond our passion and innovation, we believe in nurturing a collaborative spirit. We treat you and everyone we work with like family, whether you are a Pro-Amino team member, a client or one of our world-class suppliers. That is what makes our service feel so personalized and special. That is what makes you feel like part of the Pro-Amino Family!

Management Team

Jean Bourassa

Owner of the team
(Founder & CEO)

Daniel Lavergne

Head Coach
(General Director)

Julie Radicioni

Development Coach
(VP sales & development)

Annick Sarrazin

Finance Coach
(Financial controller)

Bernard Prévot

Operations Coach
(Operation Director)

Our working environment, every department
under the same roof for a better synergy.


Research and Development

Yes, we have our own lab and the best food scientist on the industry



Yes, we produce our own product. Bar line, baked goods, wafer bars, powders & liquids packaging.


Marketing Strategy

Innovation, new trends, branding. Yes we do that too.


Employees Nest

We offer a great working environment to our people. Lots of light, high ceiling and a great cafeteria.

Career Opportunities

Our team is made up of more than 70 amazing people with great and different strengths. If you think your candidacy would fit with Pro-amino or if you would like to be part of the team because you want to learn with us. Do not hesitate to consult our Careers page to find out about available jobs. 

Open Positions - Offices

Open Positions - Production