Wafer bars

Feeling for a fancy snack?


Perfect for dipping in your coffee, or as a garnish on an ice cream sundae, wafer bars offer all the elegance and enjoyment of a cake fresh out of the oven, as well as all the convenience of a regular on-the-go bar.



Chose from stacks of options

Light and delicate, our wafer bars are a delectable treat – but are formulated with “feel-good” ingredients. When you design your perfect wafer bar, you can layer it with flavors and toppings, formulating it with great-tasting functional ingredients. Collagen wafers for breakfast? Sure, why not?! You can even go for crunchy and smooth in the same great-tasting bite.

Your options include:
• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Maple
• Moka
• Peanut


High five for low runs !

You are a start-up with a vision? An established brand looking to test a new product sku? Give us a call. We offer one of the lowest minimum unit runs in the industry – just 25,000 wafer bar. Because sometimes that is all you need to get a successful product on the shelves.

What you desire doesn't appear up here ?

At Pro-amino, innovation is in our DNA. If you have an idea and are wondering if our facilities can produce it, don't be shy Give us a call or send us an email. We are here to help you find the best solution, whether we do it in-house for you or connect you with another supplier.
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